It’s not just about the thrills.

We will provide your students with much more than a one-dimensional experience. A zip line is not a life-changing experience; a program designed by some of the world’s greatest outdoor adventurers and educators is.
Each Outward Bound expedition is individually tailored to meet your goals. Participants learn the skills that make them redefine their future and their role in the world. Compassion, integrity, confidence and critical thinking cannot be learned only in the classroom. These life skills are earned through experience – experience that we provide.

Police Youth Challenge - Impact Report


Participants will come away with an increase in self-confidence. Courses guide people to be more compassionate toward others and live a healthy and balanced life.


Outward Bound teaches the ability to set goals, inspire and guide others to achieve more. We encourage collaboration, communication, problem-solving and conflict-resolution.


Our instructors explain the value of social and environmental responsibility with an emphasis of actively engaging in service to others.


The pin signifies that your students were not just participants on the course, but that they took charge of their expedition and faced the challenges they were given. Each student decides individually if they earned their pin. Did they push through trails with little complaint? Did they assist teammates when they asked for help? Were they humble enough to ask for support when they needed it? Did they reflect on what they learned? Are they willing to use their new skills beyond the expedition? Outward Bound students are not the passengers on a journey; they are the crew, so only your student can decide if they pulled enough weight to earn their pin.

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