Dear friends, alumni, and supporters:

What a year 2017 was! It was filled with accomplishments, growth, and life-changing experiences for our students. We doubled down on our commitment to give thousands of students experiences that challenge them, help them learn to take risks and step outside of their comfort zone and, quite literally, expand their horizons. In the pages of this report, you’ll get a snapshot of the results we have produced as team, the donors who made it possible, and the students who will go out into the world prepared to face the challenges that are sure to come.

We’ve not only expanded our students’ horizons, but also our own. Financially, we are healthy and have grown 13% since 2016— and 115% in the last 5 years. In 2017 we delivered nearly 10,000 days of programming, which represents 125% growth since 2012. This expansion has required strategic investments throughout the organization to ensure that we continue to oer excellent programs involving high quality equipment, robust risk management, and thoughtfully designed student experiences.

Like many of you are doing now or have done in the past, I am raising teenagers. Andy Brooks, our Board Chair, is too. As leaders of this organization, we are constantly looking ahead and planning for our future. As parents, Andy and I are witness to just how fast kids grow, and how short our window of opportunity is to make a lasting impact on their development. This unique perspective, as parents and leaders, keeps us grounded and focused on the needs that exist right now in our region.

Thousands of kids are waiting on the opportunity for a great adventure, to work with a team and sort out their own problems, to test their mettle, and ultimately to become a little less domesticated. We’re committed to serving as many young people as we can reach in the coming years. I know you are too. I hope you’ll continue to dig deep with us as partners, donors, and alumni for current and future generations. Your support and dedication is the fuel that keeps us going. We can’t do it without you.

On behalf of all the 2017 alumni and BCBOBS staff, thank you! Peace, Love, & Chow -

Ginger Mihalik, Executive Director
Andrew M. Brooks, Chairman of the Board


The people that support our organization are what make it truly special. In order to spend over 10,000 days in the field working with our students we need people like the ones below to make it work. It takes impassioned instructors, committed donors, and generous board members to bring it all together. These three are proof that we have some of the best people on our team. Go learn more about each one and how you too can find your own way to change a life.


Join our crew as we chart our next course in the new year. Your contributions, your recommendations, referrals, and organizations make a real difference in this world. Find out how much by giving what you can and joining us today.

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