Our programs are carefully designed to meet the goals and needs of your group. Each program follows a three-phase client engagement approach.



Once you book a program with us, your group will be assigned an Outward Bound Program Manager. The role of our Program Managers is to work closely with each client in order to design a program that can best serve your group and reach your desired program outcomes.

Program managers will discuss:

  • Workplace culture strengths and growth areas
  • What brought you to your desired program outcomes
  • Office management structure
  • Typical barriers and stressors in the workplace
  • Levels of physical activity

During this phase the Program Manager will identify the best group / leadership learning models to incorporate into the program. These learning models are integrated into the program, and are valuable tools to take back to the office and conference room for your teams ongoing use.

In some cases, the program manager might set up calls with various members of the team in order to gather pertinent information.



Based on the foundations of experiential engagement and reflective learning, our team of facilitators will use identified program outcomes and information from client communications to design your program flow.

We use a mix of group-problem solving activities, low and high challenge course elements, group learning models, and facilitated reflection to promote connections to the workplace.

Sample Itinerary*:

  • 9:00am  //  Welcome – Check-In, group introductions, and orientation
  • 9:45am  //  Whole Group Activity – This is a fun and creative way to connect, share, and move your team into a growth mindset.
  • 10:30am  //  Small Group Breakout – Your team will move through a scaffolded series of hands-on activities that highlight areas of strength and growth in areas such as effective communication, collaborative approaches, or dynamic problem solving.
  • 12:00pm  //  Lunch break [see our FAQ for food options]
  • 1:00pm  //  Learning Models – Teams use group learning models to reflect on performance and facilitate connections back to the workplace. Using the learning from the morning, groups reflect on and refine their approach.
  • 2:00pm (High Ropes, Low Ropes, or Group Initiative)  //  Whole Group Complex Challenge – This experience evokes powerful moments for the team as they take ideas, systems, and theory and put them into practice. Teams build trust, create a supportive environment, and feel the accomplishment of stepping outside their comfort zones.
  • 4:00pm  //  Closing Graduation – the whole group reconvenes to celebrate and reflect on the day.

*This is only a sample itinerary and will be modified for your group, and is also subject to any special circumstances.




All participants will receive follow up communication after the program. We believe that follow up in the workplace ensures that key takeaways are transferred into the workplace culture.

Follow up options might include*:

  • Reflective activities to do in the boardroom
  • Feedback on the program
  • Consult call with your Program Manager to discuss next steps for your organization

You’ll also receive a survey that will help us provide information about your team’s assessment of the program’s effect on your workplace.
Keep in mind that even though the program is over and you’ve transitioned back into your workplace, the work itself is not over. Keep integrating the learnings with your team, and remember that this type of work is ongoing and requires fine-tuning along the way. Many of our clients make this part of an annual leadership development strategy and you should consider how to make this part of your organizational evolution as well.

*Follow up options may be an additional cost, and can be dependent on your group goals.